The parish is not principally a structure, a territory or a building, but rather the family of God, a fellowship afire with unifying Spirit, a familial and welcoming home, the community of the faithful. It is a Eucharistic community, a people well suited for celebrating the Eucharist.
The parish is church situated in the neighbourhoods of humanity. Its way is to be deeply inserted in human society and intimately bound up with people’s aspirations and with the dramatic events of their lives.
Life today can be disintegrated and dehumanized. The individual may be lost or disorientated. But there always remains in the human heart the desire to experience and cultivate caring and personal relationships.
The parish can respond to this desire when its people participate in its essential mission and calling which is to be a place in the world for the community of believers to gather together, to be a house of welcome to all and a place of service to all – to be ‘the village fountain’ to which all would have recourse in their thirst. (John Paul II).

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Multicultural Policy

We believe that Australia has a unique opportunity at this moment in history to become an example and symbol of the kind of world community of peoples which should exist in the coming century: one in which all of God's children live in peace and solidarity with one another.

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Would you like to see your Parish grow ?

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